Operation Love Others

1st week of the month -- Love Your Neighbor
  • Drop off a meal/baked goods
  • Write a note/card of encouragement
  • Shovel snow from a neighbor's driveway/sidewalk
  • Prayer walk your street/apartment complex

2nd week of the month -- Love Your Family
  • Make a meal and eat together
  • Ask a family member: "How Can I Help?"
  • Have a family game night or movie night
  • Spend time intentionally listening
  • Call or write to a family member who lives elsewhere

3rd week of the month -- Love Your Co-Workers
  • Write a note of encouragement
  • Share something you appreciate about a co-worker with them
  • Ask a co-worker "How Can I Help?"
  • Bring your co-worker their favorite snack

4th week of the month -- Love Your Community
  • Volunteer at a local school, food pantry, or homeless shelter
  • Make cookies and/or write notes of encouragement and take them to a local fire station or police station
  • Write notes of encouragement and drop them off for hospital staff
  • Make some treats and write a note of encouragement for teachers/staff at a local school

5th week of the month -- Love Your Enemy
  • Pray that God would soften your heart towards someone you are struggling to love
  • Write a kind/encouraging note to someone you have been purposefully avoiding
  • Step into the discomfort of loving someone through a tangible act of kindness whom you've considered your enemy 

Share A Story

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