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Oct. 23 - Dec. 18, 2022

As followers of Christ even though we have received salvation and complete restoration through Jesus, it’s possible for the enemy to have a stronghold in areas that we leave open to him.  In this series, Pastor Jeremy will talk about the different kinds of doors we leave open to the enemy, how we can close them and what it means to be truly free.

Upcoming Events:

December 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered why the holiday on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus is called Christmas? What is so significant about the title Christ? There were three offices in the Old Testament that were traditionally anointed with oil as a symbol of their divine appointment. These three offices include prophets, priests, and kings. Upon examination of Jesus as the Christ, one quickly realizes that Jesus fulfills each of these anointed positions more perfectly than anyone could have ever anticipated.

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10:30am in-person.

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Expect a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. During the gathering, enjoy donuts and coffee, modern worship music , and relevant Biblical messages.

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