Welcome to Epic Adventure!

Epic Adventure is a place for kids to learn about Jesus on their level, in a safe and upbeat way.
Every Sunday, babies through fifth graders are able to experience a God that loves them and loves others. Kids learn that following Jesus is a worthwhile adventure.

First Time at Epic Adventure?

When you arrive at Epic with your family, you can enter through our Children’s Entrance doors towards the south end of the building. After an Epic Adventure Leader helps you to register your child, he will show you your child's classroom. Following the gathering, come pick up your child to see what they've learned!
Children are assigned to respective rooms based on age and grade.
For families with young children, we also have a family room (room 107) available. In addition, there's a separate Nursing Moms' Room. Both rooms have a live camera feed from the gathering. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Children's Registration table.
K-5th Grade
Space Adventure
4-5 Years
Jungle Adventure
2-3 Years
Ocean Adventure
Newborn-1 Year
Garden Adventure

Reasons to be an Epic kid

Learn the top four reasons it's great to be an kid in Epic Adventure!

#1   EPIC kids talk about Jesus!

Every Sunday, our small group leaders ask the kids if they are praying for their friends that don't know Jesus (yet).  They ask them if they are having any conversations with their friends about Jesus and they ask if they need and advice on how to continue a conversation they are currently in.

#2   EPIC kids memorize scripture.

We are memorizing passages of scriptures for three months at a time.

#3    EPIC kids and parents tag team to follow Jesus.

The parents can supplement Sunday's lesson with provided resources at home.   Our K-5th use the Meeting House Curriculum that sends an email directly to the parent's email account that has the story on video, scripture to read, and questions to follow up with your child.  Our Pre-schoolers use Orange curriculum which has the Parent Cue app that has access to the story on video and activities to do with their child.
Learn more about the curriculum!

#4   EPIC kids reach beyond themselves.  

The kids bring in earned money to support a child from Chillanes, Ecuador.  They know that their hard earned money provides food, shelter, clothing, education, AND an opportunity for the child to hear about Jesus!


Epic Adventure partners with Orange Curriculum and The Meeting House to provide relevant and fun Bible teaching for all ages. Kids are split up according to age/grade to support age-appropriate learning environments. The leaders at Epic Adventure are passionate about teaching each child about Jesus, and they are dedicated to praying with them as they grow. You can learn more about each curriculum by clicking the icons below.

Toddler and Preschool Curriculum

Grades K-5 Curriculum

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