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September 11 - October 4, 2022

Too often, Christians can find themselves in a repeat cycle of “church shopping” and spiritual stagnation.  In this 4-part series, Pastor Jeremy will help us see how the church in Acts 2 decluttered their lives and took hold of four simple Spirit led practices that shaped them and created a movement that changed the world in Jesus’ name. What would it take to become the church that Jesus called us to be?  What would it take to bring hope to so many whose hopelessness showed up in their divorce rates, suicide rates, bankruptcy rates, and addictions?  The early church had a God-given vision, were empowered by the Holy Spirit, preached and shared the truth simply, were hungry to know God, actually loved one another and unselfishly loved people around them.  If we want power and a purpose that truly matters, we've got to unclutter our lives and embrace the 4-G difference.

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