Epic raises funds to send just over $13,000 needed for Compassion International's Child Survival Program in Chillanes to work each year.

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  • The first five years of life are a crucial period in the development of a child.
  • Babies in poverty are too often the victims of infant mortality. Millions of children around the world die within their first year of life due to a lack of resources, delivery complications, malnutrition, and preventable diseases. This should not be happening.
  • Our Survival initiative focuses on promoting development and survival of the most vulnerable babies while also providing education and support for the mother or primary caregiver.
  • Compassion Survival reaches thousands of babies and mothers around the world and helps ensure their critical needs are met immediately. In 2018:
  • 9,255 births were assisted by our Survival program
  • 92.9% of Survival newborns were in the normal weight range.
  • 95% of them were born full-term.
  • Compassion Survival helps babies and mothers in poverty by employing four strategies:
  • Home-based Care
    • Mothers are visited monthly in their homes by a Survival specialist, who offers education in prenatal care and early child-rearing as well as one-on-one biblical mentoring with parents.
  • Group-based Learning Activities
    • Parents can receive basic education and income-generation training to combat long-term poverty and combat isolation through a supportive com­munity of mothers.
  • Advocacy for Moms
    • Assistance that provides and secures funding for medical treatments, ensures mothers are treated fairly by local services and arranges for birth attendants to assist mothers during childbirth.
  • Survival Centers
    • Staff help coordinate outreach and care and offer a safe place for new mothers to learn and grow, all while monitoring and supporting healthy child development.

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