Sunday Gatherings:
What To Expect 

Gift for Guests

If you are a first-time guest with us today, we have a free gift for you. Swing by the Connection Center to pick it up! We want to thank you so much for being here. If there is anything we can do for you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to check out the Connection Center in the lobby.  You may also indicate your questions on the back of your Connection Card, or simply e-mail us: [email protected]
Please take a moment to fill out the Connection Cards located on your seat or at your table or online. This is our way to connect with you, and we really love hearing from you. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or prayer requests on the back of your Connection Card, as well as any events in which you would like to take part or need more information. You can hand your Connection Card to the person(s) collecting them by the gym doors on your way out after the gathering. We’re so glad you came today!


At Epic, we believe in an open table for communion every week. This means that if you consider yourself a Christ-follower, you are welcome to take communion with us, no matter your denominational background. Simply take a cup from the communion table (it has both the cracker and juice together) and pause to remember and thank Jesus for dying on the cross for you and displaying His incredible love for you. We are happy to share communion with you!

Family Room

There’s a Family Room available (room 107 in the Children's wing of the building) for parents with young children. In addition, there’s a separate Nursing Moms’ Room. Both rooms have a live camera feed from the gathering so you can watch and listen to the gathering. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Children’s Registration table.


Prayer Room 208 is available during and after the gathering, and members of the prayer team are available to pray with you. You can also submit prayer requests online.

Worship Boxes

At Epic, we do not pass a plate during the gathering to collect the offering. Instead, we have worship boxes located on either side of the main exit door.  Feel free to drop off your offering in a Worship Box on the way out. You can also put your offering envelope in the mail. CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE